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Holder for edition one cover

edition two:
resonant embers (compilation)


1. Whickering mechanical parapropalaehoplophorus
irr. app. (ext.)
2. Animate structures No.1
3. Agone
4. Bella (direct current)
Colin Potter
5. Kaleidoscope
Paul Bradley
6. Day of Anger act five; A fluid dawn
Maile Colbert with Tellemake
7. The relentlessly banal landscape
Andrew Liles

edition of 500 cds

‘resonant embers’ is a compilation featuring Paul Bradley, Maile Colbert, irr. app. (ext.), jgrzinich, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter and Ubeboet who have all previously been released through edition sonoro and our parent label Twenty Hertz.
Here we have seven artists presenting seven tracks of drones both stoically austere and upliftingly melodic, haunting melodies, beautifully evocative vocals, engaging field recordings and disorientating environments.
There are many things that link these artists together but it is their differences that are more interesting. There is a fundamental contrast in approach and execution with each channeling their creativity in differing ways from drones and soundscapes, through melodic instrumental pieces to environmental recordings and opera. The artists presented here have created individual works that display a unique voice and emotion, all the while creating a collectively involving work that is rewarded with repeated listens.
‘edition sonoro’ are very pleased and indeed darn right proud to be bringing these artists together on ‘resonant embers’ and hope that listeners will enjoy the unique and emotional journey they have created.

Full pdf file press release

Holder for edition one cover

edition one:
rudiment of two


. pebble and star 11:06
.. bounds and magnitudes 30:00
... stimulus and resolve 18:45

limited edition of 300 cds

audio sample:

‘rudiment of two’ contains three extended compositions based on an array of sound material recorded in 2006 in Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Finland. Acoustic sounds from various objects, materials, improvisations and field recordings were processed to varying degrees and woven together to form spatial interplay of delicate textures and tonalities.
The CD package was designed by the artist which features imagery from a unique series of his photographs and montages.

The full press release including photographs, additional information and short interview is available for download here:
Full pdf file press release

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